Buried In Barstow Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Buried in Barstow, an American action-thriller drama, was made for the Lifetime network under the direction of Howard Deutch and Hiro Koda.

The main character is a single mother named Hazel King who fights to protect her child from the lifestyle she had while standing up for the helpless.

The executive producers of the series are Monica Castellanos, Laura Notarianni, Michael Rosenberg, Eric Scott Woods, Angie Harmon, David Rambo, and Stan Spry.

The actors who played the series’ characters include Angie Harmon, Kristoffer Polaha, Lauren Richards, Gabriel G-Rod Rodriguez, George Paez, Bruce McGill, Timothy Granaderos, and many more outstanding performers.

A lady with a problematic past frequently crosses several lines out of desperation to protect her child. Hazel King is one such fiercely protective mother hen who is adamant on leading a normal life for her child.

Buried in Barstow is an action thriller that revolves on Hazel, her tragic past, and her tenacious struggle to protect her only daughter, Joy King.

Release of Buried in Barstow, Part 2:

The first episode of the series aired on June 4th, 2022. To Be Continue appeared on the screen as the first movie came to a close, and in the follow-up, we find that the same guy who kidnaps Javier’s coworker Hazel also shoots Hazel.

Despite Elliot’s best efforts, she is left at her restaurant to expire. According to Lifetime, a number of films will make up the second part.

One of the predicted sequels has already been confirmed, however the exact number is yet unknown. Depending on how the public responds, six to eight films are planned, according to executive producer Harmon.

However, there hasn’t been any information made public regarding the progress of the film’s follow-up. Therefore, a release date for Buried in Barstow Part 2 has not yet been established.

Release of the Buried in Barstow, Part 2 trailer:

Since the movie’s release date has not been established, the trailer for Buried in Barstow 2 is not yet accessible.

The trailer should appear around the end of 2022 or the start of 2023 since the movie is predicted to hit theaters by the middle of 2023.

Cast of Buried in Barstow, Part 2:

Angie Harmon plays Hazel King, the teenage mother of Joy King and an escaped serial killer.

She runs a small café in Barstow to leave her past in the past and put her daughter’s future first despite being angry and possessive.

Hazel committed a daring murder, was a vengeful mother, and is still troubled by her past twenty years later.

Angry Hazel King’s daughter Joy King will be portrayed by Lauren Richards. Joy and Travis, represented by Timothy Granaderos, have a murky relationship.

Travis is Joy’s boyfriend, but it’s believed that he has more in mind for the Kings.

Elliot, a Von assassin, wants to return Hazel to Von. It has not yet been proven that Elliot is a cardiothoracic surgeon in addition to being an assassin because about half of what he claims is incorrect. What starts out as a work for Elliot turns into a relationship that alters his life.

Storyline for Buried in Barstow, Part 2:

The writers of Buried in Barstow 2 say they are still unsure of what will happen. It should be noted that the film’s creators have not formally confirmed a sequel, despite a comment about the film continuing towards the end of the original film.

Reviewing the events of the first film will help us prepare for the sequel, which will pick up where the first one left off.

Hazel King, a California diner owner who temporarily worked as an assassin in Las Vegas before going back to her hometown of Barstow, served as the film’s main character.

Finally, Joy, her daughter, disappeared in an effort to escape her mother. But after 20 years, her employer found her, and since her previous employer was none other than her father, he dispatched a man by the name of Elliot to watch over Hazel and make sure she carried out her duties. The two of them become close despite the fact that Hazel is unaware that Elliot works for her father.

Where the first film left off, a sequel may resolve many of the unresolved concerns. All of the details, such as what transpired when Javier was kidnapped and whether Hazel survived being shot, will now be revealed in the sequel.

The sequel, which promises to be plenty of thrills and excitement given the overall premise of the first film, is eagerly anticipated by fans of the film.

Given that the film’s subject matter is the criminal underworld, the writers have the option of adding some novel, captivating characters to create more dramatic situations.

Hazel will fight for her life in order to avenge her enemy in this sequel. She would find the attacker and exact revenge on them for Javier and for herself.

Javier’s chances of surviving his abduction by the people who nearly killed Hazel were unknown.

In addition, Hazel and Elliot’s connection hasn’t yet developed to its fullest extent. The mother-daughter pair might experience even greater difficulties as a result of Joy’s romantic interest, Travis, and the possibility that Joy would discover the history that Hazel has worked so hard to conceal.

The Lifetime movie Buried in Barstow premiered on June 4 on a Saturday. In the movie, Angie Harmon plays Hazel King, an assassin who left Las Vegas and now runs a cafe in Barstow, California.

After giving birth to her daughter Joy as a teen, Hazel left her violent past behind only to be tracked again twenty years later by her former boss and forced to do one more murder.

Further complicating matters, her father, played by Bruce McGill as her former boss, has also sent a man by the name of Elliot to watch after Hazel and make sure she abides by the regulations. When Elliot and Hazel begin dating, she is unaware that he is her father’s employee.

Where Can I Watch Part 2 Of Buried In Barstow?

American action thriller drama Buried in Barstow had its broadcast debut on Lifetime Entertainment Solutions’ basic cable channel, a part of A&E Networks. Lifetime is equally owned by Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company.

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