How to Use the Cleanup.Pictures App? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled capabilities like Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop, which allow anyone to clean up their shot with a few clicks, while previously this required specialized software and skills. Cleanup. pictures is a free web and mobile app that can be used in place of a Photoshop subscription.

An Introduction to

Photographers strike a delicate balance between including and excluding details to create the desired effect. Focusing on this equilibrium is essential for photography skill development, but it isn’t always possible to get the results you want. Artifacts, such as people or objects in the background, are common and can easily detract from an image’s intended message. Thankfully, robust programs like Cleanup. pictures exist to aid in the post-processing of such photographs.

At its core, Cleanup. pictures is a no-cost web service and mobile app for cropping unwanted content from photos. The feature is also available in the iOS app ClipDrop, which can be accessed by searching for “”

The intuitiveness of the tool is immediately apparent upon visiting the website. Get to work by dragging and dropping an image from the homepage or searching your computer’s file system.

Cleanup. pictures provide some sample images that can be used for testing even if you don’t have an image to use with the service. The app’s simplicity is similar, and it has quick and strong uninstall tools.

A Powerful Freemium Tool for Object Removal

There is presently no image limit on Cleanup. pictures’ free edition, yet the export quality is capped at 720px on the longest side. This is fine for sharing on social media, but modern printer resolutions prevent it from being printed at a respectable size.

The annual subscription fee for the premium (Pro) edition is $48 ($5 monthly), though you can sometimes find it on sale for $24 ($3 monthly) when you buy it in bulk. This grants access to a high-quality refiner with no restrictions on the number of photographs or their resolution.

There is presently a free trial period of two weeks available if you would want to try Pro out on your own photographs.

The Cleanup. pictures App for Web?

cleanup pictures

Let’s have a look at how to eliminate the white fence in this landscape photo with the use of a web-based tool.

Step 1. In case you forget, just type “cleanup images” into a search engine, or head over to the simple URL Cleanup. pictures.

Step 2. Find where it says “Click here or drag an image file” and do so.

Step 3. The brush module will be accessible when you have uploaded your image. Here you can alter the brush’s size, zoom in on details of smaller items, compare the original with its edited version, and switch between HD (Pro) and SD modes.

Step 4. Choose a brush size that works for the size of the element you want to delete. It’s recommended to use a brush that’s slightly larger than the element’s dimensions, but you should experiment to discover the optimal size.

Step 5. Simply paint over the unwanted component(s) and let Cleanup. pictures do the rest! (Important: If you’re using Pro mode, when you’re done making your decision, be sure to use the “Clean HD” button to the right of the brush size module.) The removal process can take a while.

Step 6. Check out the outcomes. If you make a mistake while adjusting the brush size, hit the “Undo” (left arrow) button to undo the change. Experiment with various-sized selections of the piece you want to get rid of until you find one that works for you. Remember that some components are more challenging to isolate and eliminate than others (e.g., picking out a blue dot on a white backdrop is simpler than picking out a watch from someone’s wrist).

Step 7. When you’re done editing, click “Download” in the upper right to save your modified image. It’s important to remember that the free version has a 720px long side limit.

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How to Use the App?

cleanup pictures

To demonstrate how this similar technique may be used in the ClipDrop app, I’ve included a snapshot of a house with a pole and floodlights superimposed on top of it.

Step 1. Download ClipDrop from the App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2. Click “Cleanup Picture” under “Start from a photo.”

Step 3. Choose the picture you want to modify.

Step 4. After you choose an image, the cropping window will appear. You can use this if you want to crop your image.

Step 5. The cropping tool has an HD and SD setting. If, after checking in with your Cleanup. pictures account information, you still don’t see your Pro subscription in the mobile app, please contact Help.

Step 6. To access the cleaning interface, hit the next button. To delete an item in this module, simply paint over it and let Cleanup. pictures do their thing. Please be patient with this process as it may take a few moments.

Step 7. Check out the outcomes. You can undo your last action by clicking the “Undo” (left arrow) button that sits next to the “Save” button in the top right corner. Experiment with various-sized selections of the piece you want to get rid of until you find one that works for you. It’s important to keep in mind that different objects have varying degrees of difficulty to pick and delete (e.g., a blue dot on a white background is easier to delete than a watch from a person’s wrist).

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