Exclusive: Sacha Baron Cohen Will Be Play The Role Of Mephisto In ‘Ironheart’ Series

Exclusive:Sacha Baron Cohenwill appear asMephistoin Marvel sIronheartSeries. The series is scheduled to premiere onDisney+in early 2024.

Who Plays Mephisto In the Ironheart Series?

According to an exclusive source, Sasha Baron Cohen is playing a dark lord. In MCU, the dark lord is known as Mephisto. Anthony Ramos The Hood is the main villain of the show. he makes a deal with Mephisto to get his cloak and powers.

Exclusive Sacha Baron Cohen Will Be Play The Role Of Mephisto In  Ironheart  Series
Marvel Comics
Who Is Mephisto In Marvel Comics?

Mephisto is one of the most powerful demons in the Marvel Comics. He is often portrayed as an antagonist to heroes such as Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man. Mephisto is usually depicted as a cunning and manipulative figure, who enjoys tempting mortals into making deals with him. He is able to grant their wishes but often does so in a way that ultimately leads to their downfall. He is also known for his ability to manipulate reality, as well as his vast knowledge of the occult.

The series is created byChinaka Hodgefor Disney+. In the series,Dominique Thornewill play the role ofRiri Williams/Ironheart. it also stars Jim Rash, Lyric Ross, Manny Montana, Alden Ehrenreich, Shea Coule , Zoe Terakes, Regan Aliyah, Shakira Barrera, and Sonia Denis.

Ironheart series follows fifteen-year-old super-genius Riri Williams builds her own suit of advanced armor and leads a life of adventure, crime-fighting, and humanitarianism as the Super Hero known as Ironheart.

Ironheart will premiere on Disney+ in early 2024 and will consist of six episodes.

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