Extraction 2 Review: Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake Delivers Even More Action Than the First Film

Extraction 2is now streaming onNetflix, delivering an intense and action-packed experience.Chris Hemsworths Tyler Rake is exceptional, showcasing his finest performance yet. Prepare to be breathless as you witness the relentless violence and thrilling chaos throughout the film.

In this sequel, Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) is assigned a daring mission. He must rescue his ex-wife s sister, Ketevan (Tinatin Dalakishvili), and her children from the clutches of her gangster husband, Davit Radiani. The gripping twist occurs when Davit is unexpectedly killed during an operation gone wrong. Seeking revenge, Davit s overprotective brother, Zurab (Tornike Gogrichiani), embarks on a relentless pursuit to track down Tyler.

Extraction 2 86% audience score Rotten Tomatoes
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Tyler finds himself in the deadliest prison in the world, where he must navigate its treacherous confines to save Ketevan and her children. Time becomes a crucial factor as he fights against formidable adversaries, using his exceptional skills and survival instincts.

The film contains some of the most thrilling action sequences of the year. One standout moment is a breathtaking 20-minute sequence, featuring a prison escape, a high-speed car chase, and a gripping fight aboard a moving train. The visuals capture these jaw-dropping scenes with incredible skill and precision.

One thing about the film that left me disappointed was not being able to experience this action epic on the big screen.Director Sam Hargrave has already hinted at the possibility of a third filmif it receives a positive response from fans. I can confidently say that Netflix will greenlightExtraction 3. Overall, Extraction 2 is definitely worth watching, offering a visually stunning experience to the audience.

Our rating for Extraction 2 is [4/5]

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