Jennifer Lawrence Spotted for the Photocall of Sahra Mani’s Documentary ‘Bread and Roses’ at the 76th Annual Cannes Festival

Jennifer Lawrencewas spotted for the photocall ofSahra Manis documentaryBread and Rosesat the76th Annual Cannes FestivalonMay 21, 2023. View the photos below.

Together with Mani and Justine Ciarrocchi, Lawrence is a producer of the documentary Bread and Roses. The Eyan Foundation and Farhad Khosravi serve as executive producers.

Bread and Roses follows three ladies who are struggling to regain their independence and who primarily relate their own stories. It is described as an unpoliticized tale of resilience as well as a raw, un-sanitized depiction of the female plight in Afghanistan.

The arrival of the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban movement in power has had a catastrophic impact on women s rights, which had been slowly advancing, stripping them of access to education, employment, and public spaces. Women have also borne the brunt of the deteriorating economy under Taliban rule, which has left many families unable to afford basic necessities. (Through Deadline)

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