“Love & Death” Episode 7 (Finale) Review: How Candy Montgomery Lose Her Control Was Revealed

The final installmentSsssshhofLove & Deathdelivers an emotionally charged and intense culmination to the series. The scene between Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen) and Betty Gore (Lily Rabe) is shockingly brutal, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Throughout the entire series, including this last episode, the show remains a thrilling rollercoaster of drama.

Elizabeth Olsen s performance as Candy is nothing short of impressive. From the beginning to the very end, she flawlessly embodies the complex and troubled character, deserving recognition and awards for her portrayal.

The finale s trigger warning must be acknowledged, as it presents the murder axe scene where Candy takes the life of her friend Betty Gore, hitting her 41 times. This disturbing sequence serves as a pivotal moment that challenges the audience s understanding of self-defense.

"Love & Death" Episode 7 (Finale) Review
Source: HBO Max

The courtroom setting adds an additional layer of intrigue. Collin County s decision to move the trial into the old courthouse on McKinney s square, packed with 200 people, sets the stage for a gripping eight-day trial. Montgomery s lawyer, Don Crowder (Tom Pelphrey), shocks the court by pleading self-defense, claiming that Betty attacked first.

The question of explaining the excessive violence and the 41 wounds emerge, leading to the introduction of Dr. Fred Fason (Brian d Arcy James), a Houston psychiatrist. Fason s testimony, obtained through hypnotizing Montgomery, explores the concept of a dissociative reaction. He suggests that something Gore said triggered Montgomery s dissociation, causing her to lose awareness of the number of strikes inflicted.

The jury s acceptance of Montgomery s self-defense plea and subsequent acquittal on murder charges on October 29, 1980, sparks intrigue. Juror Alice Doherty Rowley emphasizes that the number of blows did not impact their decision, highlighting the complexity of the verdict and the factors involved.

The episode Ssssshh concludes with Montgomery s relocation out of state, leaving viewers with lingering questions about the aftermath and the lasting impact of the trial.

"Love & Death" Episode 7 (Finale) Review
Source: HBO Max

Overall, the finale of Love & Death delivers a compelling and thought-provoking conclusion. It combines outstanding performances, particularly from Elizabeth Olsen, with a gripping storyline that explores themes of self-defense, dissociation, and the complexities of the justice system.

Rating: [4/5]

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