Noughts And Crosses Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The zealous Noughts and Crosses on the BBC welcome us to Albion, a colonial outpost of the Aprican Empire.

A 60-minute drama based on Malorie Blackman’s young adult dystopian novel is remarkably well-observed, with minute details leading to startling revelations.

This play’s interesting and sadly unanticipated setting transports us to a universe in which the roles of the races have been reversed.

Have you ever heard of darker people controlling lighter people? The Crosses, a black ruling class, and the Noughts, a white underclass, struggle in this area.

Race mixing is not allowed. This brilliant drama subverts the classic tale of star-crossed lovers to reveal institutional racism.

The second season of Noughts and Crosses sees the much anticipated return of Callum and Sephy’s complicated love story set against the turbulent backdrop of racial unrest. Despite the fact that it might not contain the answers some fans were seeking.

After a lengthy development period, the TV adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s same-named collection of novels will premiere in 2020.

The BBC initially requested the program in 2016, but there were a number of setbacks and changes in leadership as it developed.

Release Date for Noughts and Crosses Season 3:

Noughts and Crosses’ second season will debut on BBC One on Tuesday, April 26, 2024, at 10.40 p.m.

The channel will air new episodes on a weekly basis, but if you’d like to sit down and watch the full series at once, it’s currently available to stream on BBC iPlayer (opens in a new tab).

The first season of Noughts and Crosses is currently available in the US on Peacock and iPlayer on demand.

Although the US release date for Season 2 has not yet been determined, we will update this article as soon as it is. Because the first season premiered on Peacock in September 2020, six months after the UK launch, we anticipate it to debut on the NBCUniversal platform sometime in late 2022.

Release of Noughts And Crosses Season 3 Trailer:

Yes, a trailer for Noughts and Crosses’ second season has been released. You can watch it here; it lasts for only 30 seconds and contains no information.

Cast of Noughts and Crosses, Season 3:

Being a part of the series was an honor for Michael Dapaah, especially in light of how well-known Malorie Blackman’s books are and what they stand for. I really enjoyed watching the first season, and I’ve seen more Koby Adom movies.

It was time for me to properly enter the acting business, and this was a great place to do it. I wanted to show myself and others that I can play a role that isn’t so overtly hilarious and that I am capable of much more. I thought Mensah was a really interesting character, which is still a plus.

  • Paterson Joseph (Peep Show, Safe House)
  • Helen Baxendale (Cold Feet, Cuckoo)
  • Bonnie Mbuli
  • Jonathan Ajayi (The Drifters, Wonder Woman, 1984)
  • Josh Dylan (The Little Stranger, Allied)
  • Kik Brimah (Love Type D)
  • Jasmine Jobson (Top Boy, Surge)
  • Robert Hands (Endeavour, Jonathan Strange)
  • Michael Dapaah (somewhere in London)
  • Judi Love (Strictly Come Dancing)

Storyline for Noughts and Crosses’ third season:

There are several ways in which the series and the novel diverge. The series’ ending has been changed, and Lynette McGregor, Callum and Jude’s sister, does not appear in every episode.

The film’s South African setting adds to the mood of the Apartheid era in the plot while also presenting an interesting setting.

The Noughts disagree with the ethics of cultural appropriation, and they exhibit an elite sense of physical perspective in the way they dress and style their hair.

Yoruba is frequently used in everyday speech. The television show Noughts and Crosses achieves a surprising balance between inventiveness and execution, giving this lofty concept some weight.

The television series takes place in a strange time period in which the powerful Aprican Empire was established in West Africa 700 years ago and later colonized Europe.

Today’s London serves as the setting for this alternate history. Following the conflict known as the Great War, aprican factions tore Europe apart.

The Malian Empire and the Moors conquered the continent of Europe, while the Aprican Empire retained power over parts of Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Ireland.

Sephy and Callum, childhood friends, fall in love, but the dystopian society in which they live is separated based on race, and because of the strict race laws put in place, everyone is vulnerable to prejudice because of their skin tone. This makes them truly star-crossed lovers.

Towards the end of Season 1, Sephy’s defiance of her controlling father, Kamal Hadley, came in the form of her refusal to enroll in college.

She had an important conversation with her sister before leaving in which she made it obvious that the issue no longer only concerns her.

She later vomits after feeling her belly, demonstrating that she is pregnant. After finding out that Sephy is expecting a baby, Kamal gives up trying to stop Sephy and Callum from leaving. At the end of the episode, the pair is found hidden away in a remote and rural area.

Back in dystopian London, where Sephy and Callum overcame all obstacles to fall in love, we’ll travel. However, since Sephy is a black elite woman known as a Cross and Callum is a member of the white underclass known as Noughts, their union is forbidden.

Towards the end of Season 1, Sephy’s defiance of her controlling father, Kamal Hadley, came in the form of her refusal to enroll in college.

Before leaving the house, she has a private talk with her sister in which she informs her that I am no longer her only option for the future. She later vomits after feeling her belly, demonstrating that she is pregnant.

When Sephy tells her father about her pregnancy, he is terrified but lets them proceed as planned in spite of Kamal’s attempts to stop them.

By the end of the episode, we can see that the two are hidden away in a remote and rural location.

Even the official plot summary for the second season leaves some room for interpretation. As the city they left behind erupts in the wake of Sephy’s kidnapping and the tragic events of season one, Callum and Sephy, played by Jack Rowan of Masali, will return in their roles. They will be frantically attempting to leave Albion in search of a new life together.

Where Can I Watch Season Three of Noughts and Crosses?

Noughts and Crosses’ second season debuts on BBC1 on Tuesday, April 26 at 10.40 p.m., with more episodes available on demand.

The first season of Noughts and Crosses is currently available in the US on Peacock and iPlayer on demand.

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