Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The most tension was generated for viewers when it was later revealed that there had been further killings in the building, even though Tim Kono’s (Julian Cihi) murderer had been apprehended in Season 1.

Bunny, the annoying neighbor who lived next door to the trio (Jayne Houdyshell), has since passed dead, and Mabel appears to have killed her—which she has, given that she was the one who discovered the body.

In anticipation of season 2, here is everything we currently know about Only Murders in the Building. If you’re a fan, the comedy podcast “Case of a Murder” has been brought back for a second season on Hulu.

In the program, three individuals who have a common interest in true crime become embroiled in one.

When a tragic tragedy occurs within their posh Upper West Side residential building, the three immediately suspect murder and use their in-depth understanding of true crime to crack the case.

On August 31, 2021, Hulu released all 10 of the first season’s episodes. The story’s main characters are the three neighbors who decide to launch a podcast about their inquiry into the occurrence, which the police ruled to be a suicide.

Release Date for Only Murders in the Building, Season 3:

Only the premiere date for Murders in the Building: Season 3, which is now set for August 8, 2023, has been made public. The first season of the show launched in August as well, while the second season premiered in June.

Although the new season won’t be here for long, if you haven’t watched the two seasons before, you may do so right now because both are currently streaming on Hulu.

Release of the third season trailer for only Murders in the Building:

There are both positive and negative news items. The third season of Only Murders in the Building doesn’t yet have a full-length trailer, which is unfortunate, but the good news is that Hulu just dropped a teaser for it that, despite being brief, works just as well as a trailer.

Cast for Only Murders in the Building, Season 3:

  • Charles Martin, SteveSavage, Haden
  • Gomez, Selena. Mora, Mabel
  • Judith Houdyshell. Rabbit Folger
  • Thomas Coluca. Aaron Lester Dominguez. Tony Torres
  • Veronica Aspillaga.
  • A Tina Fey
  • A Nathan Lane.

Storyline for only Murders in the Building, season three:

In the first episode of the second season, we saw Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, three true crime enthusiasts, starting a podcast and attempting to solve the murder mystery in their apartment building.

There are still more turns to be taken, though. The official season two summary on Hulu states:

After Bunny Folger’s shocking death as president of the Arconia Board, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel work fast to locate her assailant.

However, three (unfortunate) issues come up: the trio is widely accused of killing Bunny; they are currently the focus of a contentious podcast; and they must cope with a variety of New York neighbors who all believe they killed Bunny.

Only Murders in the Building Of course, Season 3 will pick up where Season 2 left off. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, who reside in the opulent Arconia apartment in New York, are fans of true crime.

When a murder takes place in the building, they stay in touch via their favored podcast and learn that they were directly implicated. They start their inquiry after Oliver suggests that they launch their own podcasts on the subject.

In the first season, Mabel’s childhood buddy Tim Kono was murdered, and Jan Charles’s love interest was revealed to be the killer.

When Bunny Folger, the board of directors’ president, and another resident are killed, they are then considered to be the main suspects in the crime.

They uncover long-kept mysteries about the structure and its other occupants as they continue their investigation. When they identify the offender, everything goes back to normal. I guess so.

Oliver is making a Broadway comeback with his most recent production, which features Ben Glenroy in the main character, a year after Bunny died away.

The dramatic moment of the second season occurs when Ben dies on stage in the middle of the action.

Due to the play’s past and the problems that will undoubtedly develop now that our protagonists have been implicated in yet another murder (third time’s the charm! ), the third season will likely be centered on these topics.

The three will also be back in action as they uncover shocking lies and nuanced information about their potential allies and adversaries.

According to Karey Burke, president of 20th Television, “This project has felt almost fated from the beginning; from Dan’s first lunch with Steve, during which Steve just so happened to mention he had an idea for a series, to John jumping on to co-create it, to Steve’s agreement to star but only if Marty joined him, to the prompted addition of Selena.”

The humor this team developed has captured the attention of every executive at this studio, and our friends at Hulu are treating it like the priceless crown jewel that it is.

Burke said, And now, due to the incredible audience response, we are very excited to report that there will be additional murders in the building, which is fantastic news for everyone, with the possible exception of the residents of the Arconia.

Where Can I Watch Season Three of Only Murders In The Building?

Beginning in January 2023, Only Murders in the Building’s third season, which is now under production, began filming in New York City.

Here’s a short fact for those who were uncertain whether the Arconia ever existed: The outside shots of the imaginary apartment building were shot at The Belnord, 225 West 86th Street. Fans would undoubtedly want to return to the location.

As far as we can tell, Streep wrapped up filming the scenes related to her role on April 21.Gomez shared an update on her Instagram page in which she and Streep are both dressed as suited for their respective roles.

Only Murders in the Building: Season 3 has finally wrapped up filming, according to a tweet from April 25 that you can see below:

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