Saxophonist María Elena Ríos Accuses Marvel Star Tenoch Huerta of Sexual Assault

AfterJonathan Majors, another Marvel star has been accused of an assault by saxophonist and activistMar a Elena R os.

Saxophonist Mar a Elena R os has been accused of sexual assault on Marvel starTenoch Huerta, calling him asexual predator. According to R os, she has distanced herself from the collectivePoder Prietoand Huerta.

Huerta recently made his Marvel debut with the Black Panther sequel,Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, playing the role ofNamor.

Saxophonist Mar a Elena R os Accuses Marvel Star Tenoch Huerta of Sexual Assault

Malena wrote onTwitter, I made it very clear to them upon leaving their sect that protects the rapist and sexual predator @TenochHuerta that they should not publish anything about me. Yet they still came looking for me at a concert, a bunch of hypocrites, to avoid scandals surrounding their @MarvelLATAM movie.

R os has not provided specific details about what happened with Huerta, some internet users directly asked her if she had been sexually assaulted, to which she responded affirmatively and added that she was not the only woman.

She revealed her discontent with Poder Prieto for publishing the podcast episode without her consent and payment.

In response, Poder Prieto denied the accusations of not paying R os for the podcast episode, stating that they could not pay for something that was not their production. They claimed that they only recommended the content and had not published it. However, they acknowledged R os complaint and stated that they would remove the material. We are accused of not having paid her for this podcast. We cannot pay for something that is not our production. Furthermore, we did not publish it; we only recommended that content, as we do almost every day.

Who Is Mar a Elena R os?

Mar a Elena R os is a saxophonist and activist. She gained public attention in Mexico after surviving an attempted femicide in which she was attacked with acid. R os has been vocal about her experience and has become an advocate for survivors of gender-based violence. She has also been involved in various social justice causes and has used her platform to speak out against injustice.

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