Secret Invasion Episode 3 Review: Gravik Is Now A Super Skrull

Marvel sSecret InvasionEpisode 3,Betrayed, is now onDisney+. Episode 3 begins with the Skrulls, who want to make Earth their new home. They have developed special weapons calledSuper Skrullsthat can cause massive destruction. Their plan is to transform Earth into a new world without humans.

In a flashback scene set in New York City in 1998, Nick Fury (played bySamuel L. Jackson) meets his wife Priscilla (played byCharlayne Woodard) for the first time at a hotel. In the present, Fury is at Priscilla s home, discussing his recent disappearance. The phone of Priscilla rings abruptly.

Gravik (played byKingsley Ben-Adir) discovers that Brogan (played byBen Peel) has been arrested by the police. He shares this information with G iah (played byEmilia Clarke) because he suspects her. The next day, Gravik and G iah travel to New York City to meet with Talos (played byBen Mendelsohn). Talos advises Gravik to stop killing humans, but Gravik refuses. Talos then attacks Gravik with a knife before leaving. Gravik uses his Extremis powers to heal his injured hands.

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Review
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Fury discovers a Skrull in the U.S. Government and asks for Talos assistance. Neptune is planning an attack on the UN Delegation, which could trigger World War III. While traveling together, Talos reveals that Fury s success in S.H.I.E.L.D. was thanks to Skrull s support, and Skrulls have helped prevent terrorist attacks. However, the Skrulls are planning another attack. G iah helps Talos with an abort code. During the escape, Gravik finds out that G iah is a traitor and shoots her.

In the end, it is revealed that Fury s wife, Priscilla, is also working for Gravik.

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Review
Image Source: Disney+

Our rating for Secret Invasion Episode 3 is (4/5).

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