Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Conclusion of Power Struggles and Family Conflicts

The finale ofSuccession, titledWith Open Eyes, has premiered on Max (previously known as HBO and HBO Max). Episode 10 delivers a thrilling culmination of power plays and familial conflicts. In this gripping episode, the intricate battle for control overWaystar RoyCoreaches its climax, leaving a trail of betrayal and far-reaching consequences.

Kendall Roy, driven by his relentless ambition, takes center stage as he fights to secure the crucial board votes needed to block the GoJo deal. Meanwhile, Shiv Roy and Matsson remain steadfast in their belief that the deal is the best path forward for the company. Their confidence sets the stage for an intense showdown as the Roy siblings converge on Caroline s estate, seeking to sway Roman s pivotal vote.

Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Review
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Amidst the backdrop of tensions and shifting alliances, Matsson seizes the opportunity to interview Tom, extending him the tantalizing offer of becoming the next CEO. Greg, ever the opportunist, uncovers Matsson s secret plan to sideline Shiv as the American CEO and discreetly shares this revelation with the Roy brothers. This newfound knowledge unites Kendall, Shiv, and Roman, forging an unexpected alliance as they collectively decide to back Kendall as the rightful successor.

However, the tumultuous twists continue as Shiv uncovers the truth about Tom s impending appointment as CEO. This revelation ignites a frantic race between the competing factions, as both sides scramble to secure the decisive board votes. The ensuing board meeting hangs in the balance, with a deadlock of 6-6, leaving Shiv as the ultimate decider. Kendall pulls out all the stops, employing persuasive tactics to sway Shiv to his cause. But Shiv, driven by her own motivations and resentments, lashes out and casts her vote in favor of the GoJo deal, shattering Kendall s aspirations for power.

In a stunning turn of events, Matsson solidifies his hold on the company by anointing Tom as the new CEO. With the support of Karolina, Gerri, and Greg, Tom steps into this newfound position of authority, reshaping the future of Waystar RoyCo. As the dust settles, Shiv finds herself assuming the role of her mom, the CEO s wife, entangling herself further within the intricate power dynamics of the Roy family. Meanwhile, Roman contemplates the consequences of his choices, and Kendall stands at the water s edge, contemplating the weight of his actions and the uncertain path ahead.

Overall, the Succession series has come to an end. Our score for the finale is [5/5].

Who takes over Waystar RoyCo in the finale of Succession Season 4?

In the final episode, With Open Eyes, Tom Wambsgans becomes the new CEO of Waystar RoyCo. He takes over after a tense boardroom vote and clever tactics, gaining the support of Matsson, Karolina, Gerri, and Greg. Tom s unexpected ascent to power marks a significant turning point in the Roy family s ongoing story, bringing with it the potential for new conflicts, dynamics, and power struggles in the seasons to come.

What happens at the end of the story in With Open Eyes ?

In the end, Tom Wambsgans becomes the new CEO of Waystar RoyCo. Kendall tries to get the board votes to block the GoJo deal, while Shiv and Matsson believe the deal will go through. They all go to Caroline s estate to convince Roman to vote with them. Matsson interviews Tom and offers him the CEO position. Greg discovers Matsson s plan to remove Shiv as the American CEO and tells Kendall. Kendall and the brothers decide Kendall should be the next CEO. At Logan s place, Shiv learns that Tom will be the new CEO, leading to a race to secure the board votes. The board meeting ends in a tie, with only Shiv s vote remaining. Kendall pressures Shiv, but she votes in favor of the GoJo deal, denying Kendall s takeover. Tom becomes the new CEO with support from Matsson, Karolina, Gerri, and Greg. Shiv takes on the role of the CEO s wife, Roman reflects on his life, and Kendall gazes at the sea lost in his thoughts.

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