How to Connect a Fire Stick Remote to Your TV? A Quick and Easy Guide in 2023!

If your Fire Stick’s original remote has ceased communicating, don’t worry; the steps outlined here will also work for pairing a compatible replacement remote.

Pairing the Fire Stick’s Remote with Your TV.

Restarting the Fire Stick and entering pairing mode on the remote at the same time will allow them to be paired. The Fire Stick will reconnect to the remote after it has booted up.

Pairing the remote that came with the Fire Stick or a compatible replacement follows the same procedure.

Pairing a Fire Stick remote is as follows:

  • Turn off the power to your Fire Stick.
  • Take out the Fire Stick remote’s batteries.
  • Reconnect the Fire Stick to its power source.
  • Replace the batteries in your Fire Stick controller, or put in brand-new batteries.
  • The Home button on the Fire Stick control needs to be held down for a moment.
  • When the remote’s indicator light begins blinking, you can stop holding down the Home button.
  • Once the Fire Stick’s menu page has loaded, you can verify that the remote control has been paired correctly.

How to Pair an Additional Fire Stick Remote?

firestick remote

Up to seven different remote controls, including those from other manufacturers, can be stored in your Fire Stick’s memory.

You can add a second remote to your Fire Stick through the system settings if you still have the original remote and it is in working order.

Instructions for adding a second Fire Stick remote:

  • To access the main menu, simply hit the Home button on your regular remote or in the Fire TV remote app.
  • To adjust the settings, click.
  • Gamepads, Bluetooth gadgets, and more options.
  • Choose from these Amazon Fire TV remotes.
  • Go to the menu and pick New Remote.
  • To use your new remote, press and hold the Home button.
  • Press the Select button on your old remote and your Fire Stick will automatically begin using it.
  • After the setup is complete, both your old and new remotes will be shown.

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Can You Pair a Fire Stick Remote with a Different Fire Stick?

firestick remote

Different models of the Fire Stick remote do not work with each other. A Fire Stick remote can be used with a different Fire Stick, but only if the two devices are compatible.

For instance, the second-generation Alexa Voice Remote is not compatible with the first- and second-generation Amazon Fire TV, the first-generation Fire Stick, or the original Fire TV Edition smart televisions.

Because determining compatibility is difficult, your safest bet is to look it up on Amazon. Listings for Fire Stick remotes on Amazon usually provide a list of compatible devices; if you’re still unsure, Amazon’s customer service is always there to help.

If you already have a remote, you can try pairing it, but you shouldn’t buy a new one until you’ve made sure it will work with your system.

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If I Misplace My Fire Stick’s Remote, how Can I Pair a Replacement?

Pair a new Fire TV stick remote with your device by following the first set of instructions. Set up the Fire TV phone app as described above, and then add the new remote from the Settings menu.

Bluetooth gadgets and gamepads. If your Fire Stick’s remote isn’t responding, try the solutions here.

How Can I Set up My Fire Stick’s Remote to Control My Roku Tv?

You can set your Roku TV’s volume and power to automatically adjust once you’ve paired your Fire Stick remote with your Fire TV Stick under the device’s settings.

Enabling HDMI-CEC control will allow you to utilize the Home button on your Fire Stick remote to change the input on your Roku TV to the Fire Stick.

To activate HDMI CEC Device Control on your Fire TV, head to the Settings menu, then select Display & Sound.

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