Is Your Spotify Not Working? How to Fix Spotify’s Issues in 2023?

High-quality music and podcasts can be played using the widely used audio streaming service Spotify.

Simply sign up for a Spotify account with your email address to begin listening to millions of music from a large variety of artists all around the world.

Even Spotify experiences issues with connectivity, playback, and other aspects of online services. Is Spotify not working for you? Is there an issue with the service or the app?

We will learn more about the Spotify Not Working issue and look at some simple troubleshooting techniques in this post.

An Overview of Spotify

Spotify, Apple iPod, and Sony Walkman. Probably the three major changes in music listening. Spotify is a digital platform that plays music, podcasts, and videos from different artists around the world while the first two are physical goods.

While registering with Spotify is required, there is no monthly price associated with listening to music. Simply register with your email address or log in with your Facebook account to start streaming music.

More than 433 million people have registered on Spotify as of 2022, and 188 million of those individuals are paying a subscription price.

There are two fundamental Spotify plans: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, speaking of subscriptions. A Spotify HiFi plan will soon be available as well.

There are several various tiers of plans available in Spotify Premium, including:

  • Person ($9.99 per month)
  • Duo ($12.99 for two accounts per month)
  • Family (for six accounts, $15.99 monthly)
  • (4.99 dollars a month)
  • Ad-free music playback, offline listening, and Spotify Connect are supported by all Spotify Premium plans.

Why Doesn’t Spotify Work?

spotify not working

iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Windows desktop computers all support the Spotify app.

You may get the app from the relevant stores, sign up with your information, and then start listening to your music. Spotify’s suggestion engine becomes better as you listen more.

So far, everything has been good. But what if Spotify halts operation unexpectedly? If this occurs to you, don’t fret about “Why is My Spotify Not Working?” instead, let’s look into it further.

There are a number of causes for Spotify not functioning as it should. Some of these motives include:

  • a problem with the internet connection of the Spotify servers
  • Updates for applications
  • Operation System Problems
  • corruption of files or data
  • faulty updates

Why Does Spotify Fail to Operate?

If there is a problem with the Spotify service itself, that is the primary cause of Spotify not working. This can be caused by a problem with the network infrastructure or the server.

If so, connecting to the Spotify service will be difficult for millions of consumers throughout the world.

Next, if there is a connectivity issue with the internet, Spotify will not function. Even Spotify is dependent on the internet, much like all other online and streaming services.

To connect to Spotify and start listening to music, utilize Wi-Fi or cellular data.

However, if there is a problem with connectivity, the Spotify app is unable to connect to the servers and stops functioning.

Spotify updates its app frequently to address bugs and user-reported issues. Therefore, if your Spotify app is not current, it could not function properly.

Spotify Not Working can also be caused by issues with the host operating system, such as Windows or Android.

On the system (whether it be a desktop or smartphone), apps keep a lot of temporary files and data. If any of these files or data become corrupt, Spotify is unable to use them and ceases to function.

While updates aim to increase performance, they also run the risk of crashing programs. Spotify may not function properly due to a problematic app update or system software upgrade.

Spotify Issues – Not Working

If Spotify stops working for any of the aforementioned causes, problems with playback, connectivity, the user interface, etc. result.

Here is a short list of issues that users may run into when Spotify is down.

  • When you press the play button, nothing happens.
  • Up until a random stop, the music plays normally.
  • Your playlists can’t be loaded by the app.
  • a problem with song downloads intended for offline listening.
  • There are no “Daily Mixes” available.
  • Playlists have been removed.
  • Deletes offline downloads by error

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How Can I Fix Spotify’s Issues?

Now let’s look at how you may quickly fix the Spotify Not Working problem.

1. Restart Spotify

spotify not working

The Spotify App may act weirdly if it stays in memory for an extended period of time. Restarting the Spotify App after closing it is the simplest fix.

2. Verify the Internet connection

Everything in modern society is connected to the internet, particularly online streaming services like Spotify. Therefore, make sure your internet connection is active.

Alternate between mobile data and Wi-Fi. To obtain fresh IP addresses from the DHCP Server, you can also restart the Wi-Fi router.

Try to put the smartphone in Airplane mode for a few minutes before turning it off if you are using cellular data. The radios will be turned off and then back on as a result.

3. Update Spotify

Update the Spotify app right away by going to the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

4. Uninstall an Update

spotify not working

Sometimes, app upgrades make things worse. whether this is the situation with Spotify, try uninstalling the most recent app update and check to see whether it fixes the problem.

5, Remove and Install Spotify Again

Spotify can be uninstalled from your device and then reinstalled. This implies that any saved data on your device is likely to be lost.

However, this approach will need you to start again with Spotify because you must log into your account and download offline music from scratch.

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6. Check if Spotify is Down

Sometimes, the Spotify server may be the source of the issue. For any claims of Spotify downtime, see Downdetector.

Services like Downdetector have the benefit of gathering user-reported data. All the major services and websites are continually monitored by them as well.

All you can do if there is an issue with Spotify’s servers is wait for them to resolve it.

7. Try Spotify Using the Web App

While the preferred application to access the Spotify service is the Spotify App (on your smartphone or desktop computer), there is also a web version available.

Get Spotify Web Player open. Check whether you can play music or podcasts after logging in with your credentials.

8. Delete Any Data or the App Cache

spotify not working

Spotify’s cache and data must be deleted in order to be fixed if there is any data corruption in the program’s files.

You may quickly access an app’s properties on Android-powered devices (smartphones or tablets) and remove temporary cache files or crucial data.

Click Settings, then select Apps. Locate Spotify and access its settings from the list of all the apps. Clear Spotify’s cache and data.

Keep in mind that deleting an app’s cache will also remove all of the app’s temporary files from the device.

However, if you remove the data, everything will also be removed, including downloaded music and login information.

So act with caution when using this remedy.

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